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California Baby
California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder
California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder use California Babys fluffy Non-talc Powder around the diaper area and those chubby folds in the skin! Our silky body powder contains a luxurious level of essential oils to soothe and heal irritated skin. Tea tree works as a powerful anti-fungal, yet it is also very gentle to the skin. Our French lavender has a beautifully fresh clean scent and contains anti-bacterial properties. Exceptional ingredients such as moisture-absorbing clays and fluffy cornstarch are blended into a natural balance. Sprinkle over the body to stay cool during the summer and to ease chafing during the dry winter months.
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Kristin (06/29/2007, Park City Montana) 5 Stars
It has a great smell to it, amazing powder
Jessie (07/02/2007, Lund Nevada) 5 Stars
I also use it, when you are sweating its good for your underarms also. And when my baby has a diaper rash i sprinkle some also.
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