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Take A Closer Look: How Old is Your Hair?

May 23, 2011 on 11:30 am | In Hair Care, Salon | No Comments

Birthday’s aren’t the only way to tell Your Age. Does your hair make you look older or younger?

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Dull, brittle, dry, hair can really be a challenge for many people. Some people are just born with genetically challenged hair and realize this is an ongoing battle. Did you know there are three types of Dry Hair with multiple levels of dryness and each one must be treated differently. Naturally dry hair, chemically dry hair and mechanically dry hair. It is so important to understand the difference and get the right products for the right condition. Otherwise you can waste your money addressing the wrong problem.

Naturally Dry
Many people with dry skin usually have dry hair so this is a two fold battle. This is were selecting the right type of quality shampoo plays a huge role in the health and look of your hair. The wrong shampoo can over expand, over cleanse and damage the hair’s cuticle. Naturally curly hair is really susceptible to dryness and responds best to shampoos with natural moisturizers and humectants. For this type of hair condition, I recommend biomega silk shampoo and intensive conditioner.

If you have oily skin this may be a blessing in disguise. The oiliness that drives you crazy is good for your hair. So it is extremely important to find products that volumize the hair while leaving in the natural oils. The results can be amazing!

Chemically Dry
Chemically dry hair occurs when we process our Hair to death and use the wrong products. I have seen some horrendous damage that was almost un-reparable. Working with the top product lines for hair color and hair treatments, I have discovered some very impressive products that are gentle and replenish the hair with supplemental nutrients while achieving the desired results. For my clients, I use advanced hair color products from IT&ly. And for replenishment, I recommend the biomega moisture shampoo and conditioner.

Another problem I see is that many people don’t know what look they want so they continue to chemically push the hair beyond its capacity and damage the hair. I have seen some women change hair color from brunette to blonde and back again in a months time. This is when I need to issue a time out and immediately begin with a restorative process to repair the damaged hair.

Mechanically Dry
Mechanical damage hair can really take a toll in the hairs cuticle too. Blowdryers, curling irons, and flat irons that over heat and aren’t used properly will damage and wear away the hair cuticle. Many people use brushes that are old and damaged. If you suspect that your brushes are old or damaged please consider upgrading to newer ceramic brushes and make sure all your brushes are in good shape. Boar bristle brushes are always a good choice if you feel comfortable with them. I like different brushes for different finishes in the hair. So minimal changes can really enhance your hair , a good brush and blowdryer and of course a good haircut should work! For this type of condition, I recommend daily use of IT&ly’s revivor re-conditioner.

A experienced and professional hair dresser will guide you through a complete profile and hair assessment to determine the best color and treatment products for your hair type. A great hair dresser will find the perfect style that gives you the oomph we are all looking for in our appearance. Again, It’s really helpful to understand the right styles and products that fit you so you can look and feel your best.

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