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Back To Basics Coconut Mango Shampoo
Back To Basics Coconut Mango Shampoo coconut extremely hydrating conditioning fruit quenches dehydrated hair. Smoothes rough cuticle layer into a glossy finish. Softens coarse, thick or wiry hair for added control. Mango Significant source of Vitamins A, B and C to promote a shiny surface, and protect from heat and styling stress.

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Jenna (01/18/2010, Newark, New Jersey) 3 Stars
I love this shampoo! I never have to use conditioner with it. It moisturizes wonderfully and it smells amazing
Jewel (01/12/2010, Lawndale, California) 5 Stars
I adore this shampoo and it's conditioner. For my long curly hair, it provides the moisture
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