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Alterna Ten Conditioner
Alterna Ten Conditioner is the perfect fusion of ten key ingredients that transform hair from ordinary to extra ordinary.

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Sandra (02/04/2010, Barrington, Illinois) 4 Stars
This conditioner is so good, my hair seems more healthy and nourish. When i run my hands throught my hair its feels soft and silky. Also gives it that body and bounce
Leslie (01/16/2010, Greenock, Pennsylvania) 4 Stars
I am totally hooked on it.
Martha (01/12/2010, Acton, Maine) 4 Stars
My hair is very damaged from heat and dying and I have been using this the past several days and straightening my hair, but it is so soft and pretty! I didn't think I could get my hair to be like this.
Beth (07/27/2010, ) 4 Stars
I am totally hooked on it
Alma (07/27/2010, ) 5 Stars
I agree with the other reviewers.
Joy (07/27/2010, ) 5 Stars
Also leaves hair very shiny and healthy and gives good body and bounce
Alexis (08/11/2010, ) 4 Stars
It is so soft and pretty
Tina (09/29/2010, ) 4 Stars
It has really improved the condition of my high-lighted hair.
Ida (09/29/2010, ) 4 Stars
Silky, shiny, gorgeous hair, give product try this.
Judy (10/06/2010, ) 5 Stars
This conditioner is so good, it helps to penetrate deep into your scalp. When you finish rinsing it out and blow dry it. Your hair just looks shiny.
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