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SK II LXP Ultimate Revival Cream

LXP Ultimate Revival Cream helps the natural cell renewal cycle of the skin's surface. Strengthens skin's moisture barrier structure. Adds vitality to skin's appearance. Contains a very high level of humectants combined with 3 kinds of vitamins, 3 kinds of minerals and 3 kinds of natural herbal extracts, and precious Noble Rose Oil.

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To Use: Place Ultimate Revival Cream, about the size of a large pearl on the palm of your hand using a special spatula and spread on both palms to warm it slightly.
Envelop your nose with your hands while placing the index fingers on the inner corners of your eyes. Then, breathe deeply through your nose to enjoy the fragrance.
Slide the fingertips from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer corners while breathing out. Envelop the entire forehead with the palms of your hands.
Press the entire area of the palms of your hands against the entire face to smooth in the cream.