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Sisley Botanical Lotion With Tropical Resins
Botanical Lotion With Tropical Resins is designed to help purify oily and combination skins. Lotion with Tropical Resins is formulated with Benzoin, Incense and Myrrh which have purifying and astringent properties.


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Additional Product Information

With regular use, it results in a marked improvement in the appearance of oily skin:

  • -regulates excess sebum secretions,
  • -eliminates skin impurities,
  • -tightens dilated pores,
  • -matifies and purifies the complexion.

Directions for Use
Use a cotton pad to apply Lotion with Tropical Resins to perfectly cleansed face and throat, or locally on the T-zone.
Pay particular attention to problem areas.

Lotion with Tropical Resins can also be used locally, on occasional blemishes, in which case you can use a cotton bud.

When used in the morning, it improves your make-up wear for the day.

Active Ingredients:
  • Burdock :helps to purify
  • Plantain :purifies, softens
  • Tropical resins ( (Myrre, Incense, Benjamin) : help balance, purify