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Sexy Hair
Sexy Straight Hair Smooth & Seal
Sexy Straight Hair Smooth & Seal smoothes fine and medium hair, and delivers great shine to any hair style!

Application: Spray Smooth & Seal over frizzy areas and blow dry with a brush to finish
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Heather (04/08/2010, Lafayette, Louisiana) 4 Stars
It makes my hair shainy and helps to control my frizz. I try not to put too much in my hair, just a little bit cause your would be looking too greasy.
Jeanna (03/27/2010, Empire, Colorado) 5 Stars
I have really bad frizz so I after I finish washing my hair I spray this on before blow dry it. And after when I blow dry it my hair would have a bright shine and smoothes nicely
Marcy (01/25/2010, Dows, Iowa) 2 Stars
I use this stuff right before i blow dry my hair
Safie (09/10/2010, ) 4 Stars
It keeps it big and full, and I get lots of compliments.
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