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Aveda Black Malva Shampoo

Aveda Black Malva Shampoo, brings out cool, deep tones in natural and tinted dark shades and discourages the appearance of red or brassy tones.




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Price: $41.95
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Brian (09/02/2010, ) 4 Stars
I think this is a great shampoo. Works very good with the conditioner, which is where you get the real color enhancement.
Matt (09/02/2010, ) 4 Stars
I can definitely tell that my hair is more moisturized.
Carl (09/02/2010, ) 5 Stars
It adds a wonderful sheen and leaves my hair manageable. It smells great too.
plsm342 (09/02/2010, ) 5 Stars
Great for black hair, natural or colored. Keeps the color good.
Bon (09/02/2010, ) 5 Stars
This shampoo leaves my hair clean and smells great. Lathers up real good too.
Melanie (09/02/2010, ) 4 Stars
This shampoo makes my hair shiny and easy to handle.
Sam (09/02/2010, ) 5 Stars
I love this shampoo. Its perfect if you color your hair. Color last longer and hair stays shiny.
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