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The birth of Lancôme arose from the dream of an exceptional man with a love for women and French elegance: Armand Petitjean. He understood that a woman’s beauty emanates from the thousand facets of femininity where the look meets the gesture, the beauty of the body meets the feelings of the soul, where fascination meets emotion.

Lancôme continues its constant exploration of the science of beauty. Innovative formulas, exclusive ingredients, surprising textures and fragrances, – Lancôme is constantly meeting the expectations of more and more demanding women around the world.

Lancome is dedicated to skin research

   1. It draws on the Research of the World’s top Cosmetics Group to develop a unique knowledge of the skin’s aging process at every age and on every continent.
   2. Lancome knows how to reconstruct skin in its Advanced Research Laboratories.
   3. Pioneers in Neuro-cosmetics, Lancome considers skin to be a living organ, subject to stress and emotions.