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“It is impossible to manufacture pure
skincare, that’s why we grow it instead.”

– Jurlique Founder Ulrike Klein

Jurlique is an all Australian skin care company. Their mission is to provide the purest, most effective skin care through natural, high performance products. Jurlique scientists complement formulas with the finest, most potent, biodynamic, organics and natural ingredients sourced the world over – ingredients which meet Jurlique’s exacting standards.

Jurlique believes that beauty comes from beauty. Simply put, beauty is not processed. It's not made in a lab. It's grown, cultivated, and cared for passionately. It's not artificial and it's as real as our very own bodies and skin. Jurlique takes the earth's unspoiled resources and brings them to life via effective products that nourish the skin—giving us the natural beauty we've all been searching for.

 From farm to bottle, Jurlique grows, processes, and formulates pure, potent extracts to deliver the most innovative products with dynamic results. Jurlique's farm grown roots and pure formulas are about as real as the vegetables grown in an organic garden—and we can't wait to harvest a few for our own beauty baskets.