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Darphin Hydraskin Essential All Day Skin Hydrating Emulsion

Hydraskin Essential All Day Skin Hydrating Emulsion is based on two powerful plant extracts, helping reactivate the skin's natural hydration system. The skin is supple, soft, and hydrated all day. Boosts natural hydration of the skin. Replenishes moisture. Helps protect skin from moisture loss. Helps fortify skin's natural barrier. Improves natural radiance.

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Additional Product Information

Key Ingredients;
HYDRA-STRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY® (Salicornia Herbacea, Butterfly Lavender), Imperata Cylindrica, Vitamin E

Product Results and Benefits:
• 24 hour, visibly hydrated skin
• Continuous moisture replenishment
• Provides immediate relief from "tight-feeling" skin
• Improved skin texture
• Softer, more supple skin
• Protected skin from external aggressors
• Radiant and illuminated skin instantly and over time
• Dermatologist tested