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Christian Dior Fragrances
Christian Dior Higher Shampoo (Man)

A rich lather and luxurious hair and body shampoo for men. Leaves skin and hair moisturized and fresh. With the base notes of woody musk and pear tee. With the middle notes of rosemary flower, cold spices and cypress. With the top notes of pear, basil.

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Additional Product Information

Aromatic Woody The city spirit

Top Note

PEAR: Native to Asia Minor, the pear tree grows in temperate climates. The scent of pear is used in fine fragrance for both men’s and women’s compositions. A “pear skin” note is also used on occasion. As it is not possible to extract essential oil from the pear, the note is reproduced in the laboratory, notably using the headspace technique. Pear harmonies are the basis for the top notes of Higher. BASIL: Native to Asia, basil has been known and used for 2,000 years for its toning and refreshing properties. A common ingredient of fruity chypre fragrances, its energetic quality can also be used to intensify the zesty notes of a fresh fragrance like Higher.

Heart Note

CARDAMOM: Grown in Cambodia, India and Guatemala, cardamom is extracted by steam distillation. It ideally complements eaux fraîches, woody men’s fragrances and chypre compositions. A very contemporary scent, it can be found in the heart notes of Higher.

Base Note

CEDARWOOD: Native to the United States, cedarwood essence is obtained by steam distillation. Its refined, noble aura makes it a perfect base note in men’s fragrances such as Jules, Eau Sauvage Extrême, Dune pour Homme and Higher, as well as in the women’s fragrance Dior Addict Shine, to which it brings an intense, energetic quality