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Christian Dior Fragrances
Christian Dior Dune for Men EDT Spray (Man)

Original and harmonious, Dune pour Homme takes its inspiration from breezy seaside escapes. Its composition associates fresh, woody and oceanic notes in a fragrance that is serene and in harmony with nature.

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Additional Product Information

Woody Green A perfume of serenity and escape

Top Note

FIG LEAVES: The fig tree, which thrives in dry soil and sunny climates, is notable for the fact that both its wood and its leaves are scented. Fig leaf has a fruity, sun-drenched fragrance with green, milky accents. In the top notes of Dune pour Homme, it is an invitation to travel.

Heart Note

HEDIONE: The fresh, airy notes of hedione resulted from research into jasmine absolute. Complete and refined, they have become an essential element of the perfumer’s palette. The floral, jasmine and lemon accents of hedione, found in the heart notes of Eau Sauvage and Dune pour Homme, are classics.

Base Note

CEDARWOOD: Native to the United States, cedarwood essence is obtained by steam distillation. Its refined, noble aura makes it a perfect base note in men’s fragrances such as Jules, Eau Sauvage Extrême, Dune pour Homme and Higher, as well as in the women’s fragrance Dior Addict Shine, to which it brings an intense, energetic quality.