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Look Younger with Skin Care: A Guide to Gorgeous Skin

January 6, 2012 on 9:33 am | In Natural Beauty, Skincare | No Comments

– Make sure you exfoliate every day. You need to do this after washing your face at night. Use a scrub that is soft on your skin. Sugar or oatmeal can be used as a scrub as well.

– Regular use or even daily use of facial masks is good for your skin. You need not buy it always. You can make one on your own using mashed fruits or vegetables like banana, avocado etc. One of the best natural mask is plain yogurt.

– Apply some skin treatment or moisturizer always on your face, either day or night. Give importance to your skin and apply some skin treatment, once you wash it at night. The treatment could be any thing like alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin A, vitamin C or some type of special cocktail treatment. Once it is set, apply a coat of moisturizer over it. Repeat the same process every morning as well.

– Never go for the costliest or cheapest cosmetic products. Products in the medium range are known to give the best results. Those products have quality ingredients and they usually deliver great results also. The only way to find the right product for you is by doing the good old “Trial and Error” method. Keep on experimenting with different brand products until you find the right product for you.

– Keep on hydrating your skin all along the day. You can create your own product by adding a few drops of rose essential oil or chamomile on to a spray bottle of distilled water. You can spray it on regularly over the day even on top of your make up, shaking it a little bit before each use. You may use a commercial product as well.

– Be gentle on your face. Pulling, tugging, scrubbing etc. on your face is not advisable. Never treat your face roughly while cleaning it, moisturizing it or applying make up on it. Thus you can reduce the possible number of wrinkles or skin damage on your face.

L’Oreal’s ‘Pill for Grey Hair’

December 27, 2011 on 10:03 am | In Hair Products Reviews | No Comments

When news broke this week that L’Oreal was developing a pill to prevent grey hair, it made headlines around the world. But scientists say the pill, which has not yet been created, produces more questions than answers.

Bruno Bernard, head of the Hair Care, Quality and Color team at L’Oreal, first spoke about the cosmetic company’s research, telling the Daily Mail the pill will be based on a fruit extract that mimics an enzyme called TRP-2, which isn’t present in hair follicles.

TRP-2 helps make pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. In theory, the presence of TRP-2 could prevent hair from going gray.

Ideally you would take [the pill] for your whole life, but realistically we’d encourage people to start using it before their hair goes grey because we don’t think it can reverse the process once it has started,” he told the UK paper. “We have a watertight proof of concept, and we think it will have a market among men as well as women.

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